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A platform built for brokers by brokers, ex.plo.re will manage your online business allowing you to focus on clients and sales. Stay in front of your target audience – existing and prospective clients – without lifting a finger.


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Gary Spivack, Fillingham Yachts


“I have been working with ex.plo.re for over a year and they have done an excellent job of keeping my marketing presence and social media platforms current. The team of professionals allow me to focus on my business. Thanks!”



Gina Robertson, Fraser Yachts

“A repeat client just booked a charter on the same yacht. That booking is a result of the ex.plo.re broadcast!”



Roger Duffee, MarineMax

“My recent customers, who were prospects I’d completely lost track of, reached out to me through my ex.plo.re platform. They not only ended up purchasing a boat from me (and the commission from that sale easily pays for the ex.plo.re platform for 3+ years), this also got me another listing. This is a great return on my investment and I’m very happy with the results I’ve gotten from working with ex.plo.re”


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